Black Butte Ranch Rental Policies

Check-in and Check Out Times

  • Refer to your Rental Agreement for your specific check-in and check-out times
  • No exceptions will be granted in July and August.
  • Off-season, early check-ins or late departures must be arranged 24 hours in advance.
  • No refunds for early departure.
  • Unauthorized late checkouts will be charged for an additional night.

Registering at the Welcome Center upon Arrival

  • All guest vehicles must be registered at the Welcome Center prior to entering the Ranch
  • Black Butte Ranch will charge you an Access registration fee of $9/per person/per night.
  • You will need to provide your vehicle’s license number.
  • If arriving in separate cars, all members of your party should have a copy of our Access Registration form to present at registration.
  • We suggest you also provide them with the rental home’s lockbox code in the event they arrive before you. Maps can be requested at registration.

Check-in at your Home

  • All guests must park their vehicles in the driveway. Parking on the roadway is prohibited by Black Butte Ranch.
  • When you arrive at your rental home, you will find a helpful notebook which contains specific information regarding your home, i.e. wireless internet instructions, etc.
  • We strive to ensure all our homes are clean and well maintained. If you find otherwise when you arrive, we ask that you call us immediately so we can make every effort to correct the problem. Refunds will not be granted if we were not made aware of the problem in a timely manner and given the opportunity to resolve it.


  • All Rental Properties are Designated Non-Smoking
  • No smoking is allowed in any Howells Realty Group rental home.
  • Extra cleaning charges may apply if it is determined that smoking occurred in the rental home/condo upon your departure.
  • If you must smoke, please do so with the utmost caution as fire danger during the summer months is extreme. Please dispose of butts safely and considerately.

❖ Overcrowding

  • Each rental home has an established maximum number of overnight guests allowed in a given residence and that number is strictly enforced. Overcrowding will result in your being asked to leave and forfeiture of your rent.

❖ Pets

  • Pets are ONLY permitted in designated dog-friendly home homes.
  • Your dog(s) must be registered with The Howells Co. before arrival. Violation will void your rental agreement and result in eviction and forfeiture of your rent.
  • A fee of $20 per night is charged for each dog in pet-friendly homes plus a $5.00 registration fee.
  • When appropriate, gratuities are appreciated, particularly in dog-friendly homes that may require more care. Housekeeping
  • Daily housekeeping service is not provided. Linens and bath towels are included in the home for your use. We don’t permit towels or linens to be taken from the unit, so please bring your own pool towels. If you rent for multiple weeks, you will be given a housekeeping service each week seven days from the date you arrived and each seven days thereafter. Guests will not be charged for weekly cleans if staying two weeks or longer. If you wish additional housekeeping services, please call the office 48 hours in advance. Your account will be charged by the hour for services.

❖ Hot Tubs

  • If you are renting a home with a hot tub, please be aware there are certain health risks. You must adhere to all the rules that provided to you and complete and return a hot tub release to The Howells Co. before you are allowed access to the locked tub.

❖ Phones and Movie Rentals

  • For long distance, calls use a calling card, credit card, or reverse the charges. Unauthorized long distance calls or movie rentals charged to the owners’ phone or cable account during your stay will be charged to you plus a $25 administrative fee.

❖ Garbage Pick-up

  • Garbage removal is provided upon departure. It is your responsibility to have the garbage in the cans and to take any excess garbage that doesn’t fit in the cans provided to the solid waste disposal site located off McAllister Road west of the Ranch.
  • If we have to provide additional garbage service, you will be charged a minimum of $20.

❖ Lost and Found/Stolen Items

  • Howells Realty Group is not responsible for personal items left in the home after check-out. If you notice items missing, call our office and every effort will be made to return the items. Tenants are responsible for shipping and handling costs. Unclaimed items are donated 30 days after you depart.
  • The Howells Realty Group is also not responsible for stolen items. Use the same precautions at Black Butte Ranch as you would at your own home. Keep your residence and car doors locked and secured.

❖ Miscellaneous

  • The rental units are privately owned. Guests assume the risk for any harm arising from their use of the premises or others whom they invite on the premises.
  • We want your stay to be enjoyable and stress-free. In the case of emergency circumstances beyond our control, guests will be placed in comparable accommodations and all possible arrangements will be made not to inconvenience you.